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#GamerGate, Gamers and Jerks

So the other day I was reading a few articles on what is going on surrounding this whole #GamerGate thing. Apparently some women are receiving threats of death and rape for their stance on how they feel about gaming culture. I’ve seen a lot of articles that also seek to define t
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RYSE Facial Technical Animation Breakdown from Chris Evans

My long-time collegue and sometimes collaborator on CryEngine tech, Chris Evans, put up a nice post on his website talking about the use of blendshapes and joints in RYSE. Check it out- he’s got some good info and examples there, plus a picture of a Koala.   http://www.chri
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Crytek Videogame Patches

For the release of Crysis, I had made a bunch of t-shirts for the team members in Animation and Cinematics. I figured I’d share those with you here.   The first one is the Crysis 1 Animation and Cinematic Department shirt. I designed and illustrated the logo to look like a
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Steve's YouTube

Check out my channel on You Tube, where you'll find videos of me talking about games and game development, and also other links to some of the best gaming and special interest videos on the web