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OK, Far Cry’s Difficulty WAS pretty insane

  This guy’s “reviews” or walk-throughs or whatever are pretty funny, in a stoooopid kind of way
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Damn Cool Weapons

One of my colleagues here at Crytek, Pascal Eggert, has a single-minded obsession with anything that goes “BOOM”! Ask the man about guns and he’ll talk your ear off. He’s got a practical arsenal of high-quality airsoft replicas that we use here at Crytek someti
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Saints Row 4 and Surprises

So on Steam Sale I got Saints Row 4. I didn’t know what to think at first- I got it because…well…it was on serious sale. I didn’t play the other 3 as I didn’t really find the whole “bad ass gangsta” thing my cup o’ tea. But whatever̷
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