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Animation, P-Cap and Cinematic Director, Writer, and Gardener. Gardener, I know, weird, huh?

Gone Home

As you my know already, I tend to wait until the hype of games has passed to be able to properly experience them. “Gone Home” has been one of those games I kept hearing about, so today I downloaded it. I picked up Gone Home for $18 on Steam. The game itself was maybe 2 hou
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iOS7 Tracking and Germany

I’ve had a number of challenges going on in my life lately, and these things have caused me to be a bit more scatterbrained as of late. Late on Sunday night I was traveling on the U-Bahn (subway) in Frankfurt and realized I was on the wrong train. I got off, sat at the train sta
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The Polish Knee Slapper

Nowadays, it seems like many games try to place their stories in real-world places to lend a feeling of extra realism to them. But just because you’ve decided to place your game in Detroit and have copied all  the buildings from Google Maps doesn’t mean you’ve actual
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Animation Director-(Cinematics/Scripted Events)
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Crysis 3

Animation and Cinematic Director, Writer
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Crysis 2

Animation and Cinematic Director
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Developed with team pre-vis and concepts for 1st & 3rd person movement and interaction
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Steve's YouTube

Check out my channel on You Tube, where you'll find videos of me talking about games and game development, and also other links to some of the best gaming and special interest videos on the web

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