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Animation, P-Cap and Cinematic Director, Writer, and Gardener. Gardener, I know, weird, huh?


Star Citizen “Inside CIG Motion Capture”

A few months ago, I was interviewed during our first shoot at the Imaginarium. As the Animation Director for CIG, my job is to direct motion capture and animation and to assure the quality of both through the entire pipeline. Sometimes it’s not easy- on a game like Star Citizen,
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Star Citizen “Meet The Devs” With Steve Bender

So there I was, just sitting at my desk, looking at animation, playing the game and talking to people about the work and along comes Cloud Imperium Game’s James and he says “Hey Bender- you want to do an interview for the community?”. Heck yeah i want to do an interv
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…Take the Long Way Home…

“But there are times that you feel you’re part of the scenery, All the greenery is comin’ down, boy…and then your wife seems to think you’re part of the furniture…oh, it’s peculiar, she used to be so nice…”
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