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Animation, P-Cap and Cinematic Director, Writer, and Gardener. Gardener, I know, weird, huh?


Star Citizen Alpha 2.0, Lucas, and Experimental Games

So there’s this thing I’ve been working on for a year now called Star Citizen. You may have heard of it from either the gaming press or from one man’s apparent hard-on with its production. Last week we delivered Star Citizen’s Alpha 2.0…I think that’
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I am a Star Citizen

Happy German Unification Day to all you Germans out there! I will be flying tomorrow to Frankfurt and be there for 3 months while by son is born (yep- gonna drop that right there. Can you believe it?). I will also be working in CIG’s Frankfurt studio out there and am looking for
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Boom Clack- My Experience with ITTS Defensive Handgun

So this weekend I took the Defensive Handgun class at ITTS in Angeles National Forest. I had found them through talking with a few people I know from law enforcement and entertainment and I figured that since I make so many games with weapons handling, that I might as well get proper
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Check out my channel on You Tube, where you'll find videos of me talking about games and game development, and also other links to some of the best gaming and special interest videos on the web