Everyone has that one project they’ve worked on where it was a labor of love- for me that was Crysis 3.

On Crysis 3 I served as the Animation and Cinematics Director and was credited as a Writer. The full extent of my job was a lot more involved than that.

While directing the keyframe animation efforts, the Motion Capture for gameplay AI and the Performance Capture for the the Story Elements, plus directing all in-game cinematics, and the various ending cinematics, I developed the pre-vis videos that I used to drive the improvement of the Crysis 3 AI, using a unique combination of motion capture playback and live player gameplay to better describe to Designers and Programmers the improvements I felt we needed to make to help Crysis 3’s AI really shine.

I also worked closely with our out-sourcers, including the fabulous Goldtooth Creative and our own internal Video Department, to develop the Opening sequences and the in-between level sequences. I also worked closely with the level designers to assure that the story elements and the level design were working together. I was also the driving force between continuity as it was vital for me, as a fan, to make sure that the 4 titles had a common thread.

The Crysis series had a big “re-boot” in a ways for Crysis 2 and I was determined to make sure that as many of the threads as possible from Crysis 1, Warhead and 2 were tied together into as coherent of a trilogy as possible. Working with the brilliant Steven Hall and Tim Partlett, I guided story elements so that they would close out the trilogy. I was also closely involved in the development of the book Crysis:Escalation as a consultant, again working with Steven and Tim and the stellar Gavin Smith to create a series of narratives that tied many of the threads we couldn’t get to in Crysis 3 up for the fans.

I cared a lot about Crysis- it was the property that brought me from relative obscurity as an Animator and gave me opportunities I would probably not have had anywhere else. It was my idea to create the post-credit scene for Crysis 3, setting up what I had hoped would be a Crysis:Warhead 2 and tying up the fate of Psycho in C3. Sadly, Warhead 2 wasn’t going to be, but the final scene was one of those that makes me, as a Crysis fan, gitty 🙂

Fun Fact: Prophet’s final line in the Crysis series, “My name is Lawrence Barnes. They used to call me Prophet. Remember Me.” was written by me as my way to say goodbye to the series that I had spent so many years of my life on as well as my goodbye to Crytek as I had decided it was time to move on. The imagery of the rising sun over the island was intended to harken back to the beginning of Crysis 1 and also to symbolize that a new day was coming for me. While I stayed on to help with a few more titles after that including RYSE, Homefront: The Revolution, and very early Warface 2 concepts, by this point I had decided it was time to move on.

Funny how such a line can carry so much meaning, no?

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