One warm, summer day, Steve came upon a beautiful garden in the middle of the city. He looked around for some reason that this oasis might exist, and came upon a garden gnome hiding in the bushes who said to him “Hello, stranger! I am Feagle the garden gnome! I have chosen you to tend the plants here so that they might grow strong and wonderful!”

“Why me?” asked Steve “I have much work to do making games and animation. I must go back to my computer and click my mouse. You will need to find someone else.” Steve put his Bose headphones back on and turned to walk away.

“Stop!” cried the voice of the gnome, somehow penetrating the quiet comfort of the Bose headset (which really is quite comfortable). “You must help! For if you don’t, you will die alone and sad, never knowing the true power that man has to create beauty from nothing! Will you not stay and hear my tale of how this oasis sprung up within the middle of a cesspit like Frankfurt?”

Steve was intrigued so he walked back to the garden gnome. “I’ll give you 15 minutes, then I’ve got to go back to the office” he said.

“Then come with me” replied the gnome and he led the way to the garden house. Steve sat down on the bench underneath the grapevines and the gnome brought him a beer. “From now on, you shall be called Bauer Franz, and this shall be your home.”

Bauer Franz felt a odd tingling in the back of his head as he lounged back in the sunlight, the cold beer in his hand…he had to be somewhere…he knew…but he couldn’t recall where…

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